Political Science

If you are interested in what is happening in Poland and around the world in the areas of politics, economy and culture, if you are looking for answers to the questions concerning the nature of globalization process or you want to know why politicians make these and not other decisions our offer is just for you. Study Political Science at The Institute of Political Science at UKSW. We offer broad and interdisciplinary approach to many aspects of social life, which treated together allow us to understand all that constitutes politics. With us you will learn basis of international relations and political systems, get to know why and how Europe unites and how political marketing works. The question about the role of the a human in all these areas and the meaning of national and religious matters won’t be left without answers. The classes are led by remarkably well prepared lecturers, who are appreciated both in Poland and abroad.


Where will you find work?

Contrary to common opinions on social sciences graduates performing poorly on work market, our experience and our alumnus history show clearly that the studies at The Institute of Political Science give wide possibility of professional career. Among our graduates are such people as Konrad Ciesiołkiewicz (spokesman of Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz) and Agnieszka Liszka (first spokeswoman of Donald Tusk), along with them many journalists, advertisement specialists, PR experts, bankers, consulting companies’ workers and finally public officials and diplomats.


By studying Political Science you may:


Our offer

Full time 1st cycle degree programme

Requirements: major subject: history, civics, geography, mathematics (to be chosen by a candidate). The key element of the procedure of acceptance to the programme is creation of a ranking list of secondary school final examination [Polish matura] results involving Polish old-type and new-type matura, and international examinations. The order on the list is determined according to the highest number of points calculated in conformity with the formula available together with the detailed terms of the recruitment process on www.rekrutacja.uksw.edu.pl


Full time 2nd cycle degree programme (two-year supplementary master programme)

The course is dedicated to 1st cycle degree programme graduates

 Requirements: All candidates must be 1st cycle degree programme graduates (bachelor, engineer). All details and the recruitment process description are available on www.rekrutacja.uksw.edu.pl


Extramural 1st and 2nd cycle degree programme – PLN 3400 a year

Candidates are accepted in accordance with the order of submitting their applications. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Notice: extramural 2nd cycle degree – two-year supplementary master programme – is dedicated to 1st cycle degree programme graduates.

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