Internal Security

Unprecedented pace of changes in present world creates a wide variety of threats. Due to that new ways of seeking methods of diagnosing and preventing crisis situations are needed. Efficient actions within the area of political, military, social, cultural, ecological and physical safety require profound preparation incorporating theory of various sciences and practice.

The Institute of Political Science at UKSW meets those needs by offering studies of Internal Security. The course is dedicated to candidates interested in gaining knowledge and skills in the areas of predicting, counteracting and liquidating the effects of threats, with special focus on creating policy and security systems in public administration and business.


By studying Internal Security you may:


Students are additionally offered an attractive package of classes held in foreign languages and possibility to learn a modern language at B2 level (Common European Framework).


Where will you find work?

Graduating from Internal Security studies you will be practically prepared to work at state institutions dealing with the subject of safety (Police, Internal Security Agency, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, etc.). However it is not all: specialists are also wanted in local government and various businesses, where security is a priority.


Recruitment process requirements for the full time 1st cycle degree programme (free of charge):

Requirements: major subject: history, civics, geography, IT (to be chosen by a candidate)


The key element of the procedure of acceptance to the programme is creation of a ranking list of secondary school final examination [Polish matura] results involving Polish old-type and new-type matura, and international examinations. The order on the list is determined according to the highest number of points calculated in conformity with the formula available together with the detailed terms of the recruitment process on


Recruitment process requirements for the extramural 1st cycle degree programme (only PLN3600 a year):

Candidates are accepted in accordance with the order of submitting their applications. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

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