European Studies

Poland has been a member state of the European Union for nine years. Due to integration processes nobody in surprised anymore by possibility of free travelling, choosing a place of living or place of future work. The integration processes are in progress and they constitute variety of challenges both for states and their citizens. At European Studies you will get a chance to learn about them from different points of view. Knowledge and practical skills acquired during the course will allow you to take advantage of Polish accession to the European structures.


What do you gain?

At European Studies you will gain competences and profound, interdisciplinary knowledge in the scope of social sciences, rules of functioning of the EU (with focus on EU administration) and specific ability of finding yourself in the network of socio-cultural relations characteristic to Europe. European Studies base on works of law, international relations, political science, philosophy, sociology, economy, history and cultural studies. Full time studies’ programme enables students to individualize the course of study with a range of selectable subjects and specializations.

As a consequence each student has impact on the detailed profile of his/her studies. Students of European Studies as a part of their course may benefit from classes offered at other UKSW courses including economy, sociology, international relations, administration, law, history, journalism and social communication.


At European Studies you may:


Where will you find work?

The original course of study providing relevant knowledge and skills allows graduates of European Studies to work as specialists at local, state and EU levels of public administration as well as at NGOs, cultural centers and media.


Recruitment process requirements for the full time 1st cycle degree programme:

Requirements: major subject: history, civics, geography, mathematics (to be chosen by a candidate)


The key element of the procedure of acceptance to the programme is creation of a ranking list of secondary school final examination [Polish matura] results involving Polish old-type and new-type matura, and international examinations. The order on the list is determined according to the highest number of points calculated in conformity with the formula available together with the detailed terms of the recruitment process on


Recruitment rules for the full time 2nd cycle degree programme:


Candidates are accepted in accordance with the order of submitting their applications. In case of the number of candidates exceeding the number of available places, recruitment interviews will be held. Detailed terms of recruitment are available on


Recruitment rules for the extramural 1st and 2nd cycle degree programmes – only PLN 3400 a year:

Candidates are accepted in accordance with the order of submitting their applications. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

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